Sue Hammes-Knopf, Artist

Sue Hammes-Knopf      Artist Statement

The jewelry that I create are my original ideas. I am inspired each day as I practice creating jewelry. One idea leads to another! My 3rd floor downtown Northfield studio provides the space and light to create!

The earrings that I create are whimsical pieces that are inspired by a mix of materials: wire, beads, stone and chain. I bend, shape, pound and spin wire and use cold connections to assemble each earring. Customers love them because they are soulful,  colorful, playful, and light as a feather!

Bold, one of a kind, bracelets and necklaces are created with needle-woven techniques and seed beads. With various needle-woven techniques I create beaded elements that ultimately form a bracelet, a necklace or a ring. Beaded beads are featured in my pieces using Peyote weave and seed beads. The beaded beads are often focal elements in a piece and are perfect examples of excellence in bead weaving technique. Also, the beaded bead is a perfect form for exploring artistic possibilities of color and texture. Other mixed media elements are found in my work as well, such as, fused glass, enamels and lamp work glass beads. Although I have practiced all of these mixed media techniques, I do not necessarily create every single element in my work. Customers love the eccentric, distinctive and soulful qualities of my beaded luxury jewelry.

Presently, I am visually inspired by the compositional possibilities that beads and mixed media offer. I am most interested in the visual impact of a piece of jewelry, whether it is a pair of earrings or a grand necklace, as opposed to making every single bead. Like a painter uses a palette of paint to create, I use a palette of beads.